Recon is a member of the Nintendo Rocket Forums; he is not the best brawler on there but has fun brawling with people better then him. He has joined many forums some of which died due to the Admin becoming to busy and closing it. Knows how to obey the forums rules well, he never got in trouble once from all the forums he joined and can make friends easily due to his kindness. He only has a stroke of mean if you are mean to him or any of his friends.

He is a fan of the Pokemon Games, having gather all his knowledge from his favorite Pokemon site Serebii.netand is now trying to get through platinum.

History Edit

Recon was first joined a forum to have fun and it was to him until the Admin started to be cruel to his girlfriend for no reason at all, so he left. Then he joined an RPing forum and made great friends with the Admin but it was sadly closed to the Admin starting college and not having time. Then he joined another site which someone told him about and has been there ever since.

From there Recon joined Nintendo Rocket due to Resurgence telling him about it; being a large fan of video games it sound like a place to go for him. He liked it and started to enjoy it and still enjoys it but sadly college studies has been keeping him away.

He currently is trying to make time while keep up with his college classes, and at the same time fit in practicing brawl and play his other games.

Achievements Edit

Recon has been doing the solo runs and here is the ones he has completed

  • Mudkip Only Run
  • Skitty Only Run
  • Pidgey Only Run
  • Poochyena Only Run

He plans a Bidoof run in the near future and will be suppose the hardest one yet.


  • Recon's Real name is Ken
  • Recon is currently 19
  • Recon is taking college courses toward Computer Science
  • Recon has a girlfriend and has been together for 1 Year (as of 3/2/09)
  • Recon enjoys RPG games the most
  • Recon was inspired by YouTube User: Dataito do Pokemon Solo Runs
  • Recon is a average brawler and has lots of room to improve
  • Recon has moved 2 times in his life.
  • Recon has lived in the state of California all his life
  • Recon is the self-proclaimed Shortest Male on NR
  • Recon has gotten into Magic: The Gathering
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