Rhydon is a rock and ground type Pokemon. Rhydon is a under used Pokemon who is really underrated due to his low speed and low stats. However, at NR, he is known much more. Rhydon is a really good physical sweeper and it's STAB moves land deadly hits. Sylux is planning ontraining Rhydon's speed stats as well as giving it a Quick Claw. Another tactic is to give Rhydon a thunder attack to deal with water types. A grass type should also be dealt with easily by teaching Rhydon a fire technique. Flamethrower would be better, as it's more accurate and powerful.

However, most people tend to give Rhydon several rock type attacks to take advantage of it's STAB, and also gives it a focus sash so it can survive long enough to sweep the opposition.


Information on RhydonEdit

Rhydon is an absolute beast, according to the pokedex. Rhydon is known to be able to withstand direct cannonfire, as well as lava as hot as the Earth's core. As well as this, Rhydon's drill is so formidable it can crush solid diamonds, which are harder then titanium. Rhydon's tail can topple a 7-story building with it's tail, and is the only Rock pokemon that can surf. Dude.

Member's opinions on RhydonEdit

  • Sylux says Rhydon is his favorite Pokemon of all time, due to Rhydon being heavily underrated, he can proove Rhydon is so epic. He prefers Rhydon with the following move set:
           * Surf
           * Focus Blast
           * Thunder Punch
           * Megahorn
  • Sonic thinks Rhydon is indeed mega epic. He prefers him over Rhyperior because Rhyperior is way too damn ugly and looks too much like a boulder with a horn.
  • Ashmnafa thinks that Rhydon is epic. Just epic. 'Nuff said.
  • Kiske likes Rhydon, and wishes that it got better stats instead of Rhyperior.
  • KonamiYoto thinks Rhydon is epic, but just not as epic as Arcanine. =P
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