River City Ransom EX, released as Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari (ダウンタウン熱血物語ex, Dauntaun Nekketsu Monogatari ex?, "Downtown Nekketsu Story ex" or "Downtown Hot-Blood Story ex") in Japan, is a Game Boy Advance version of River City Ransom released for the Family Computer/Nintendo Entertainment System.

Early Japanese orders also include a Kunio strap.

Gameplay Edit

The most notable change is the loss of a true cooperative mode. Instead, the game can be played with an AI-controlled partner, and players may exchange the data of their own characters to fight alongside each other.

In addition, the game include vast amount of configurable options that can adjust game play on the fly, such as changing AI behaviours, amount of enemies in 1 map area, shop item reshuffling frequency.

The password system is replaced by battery backup, which allow saving up to 12 characters. Character's appearances, keystrokes for learnt techniques, even enemy characters can be customized and saved using secret shop items. A saved game does not store story progress, reputation. It only store player's statistics, learnt techniques, possessed item and money, player's name, player's appearances.
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Although this game does not have password, naming player in certain names can change player's techniques, statistics, items, cash, or delete all saved characters.

Diagonal walls featured in the NES game no longer exist. As a result, in the GBA version map 9, it is no longer possible to throw enemies into water.

This version can display up to 8 characters (the player, his 3 allies and 4 enemy characters) on-screen at once. The number can be adjusted in game.

Recruit System Edit

Player can gain an additional computer-controlled allies and formed a "posse" who helps the player-controlled character on his adventure. Some of these are boss characters already featured in the original NES version, while others are taken from later Downtown Nekketsu games. The player's character can be accompanied by up to 3 AI-controlled partners.

The allies that can be hired depends on the story progress, player's existing allies, and player's reputation. Once an ally is recruited, the ally cannot be dismissed throughout the game.

Player's reputation is invisible, but it decreases when:

   * Defeating every 4 minor enemies within a map
   * Attacking boss before completing speech
   * Attack fallen enemy
   * Attack ally
   * Death of ally (including suicide)

Conversely, player's reputation increases when:

   * Defeat 20 minor enemies within a map
   * Defeating boss
   * Hiring an ally
   * Player is knocked down
   * Crashing into walls
   * Player attacked at knock down phase
   * Receive hits 4 times
   * Player dies

Member's opinions on RCR EXEdit

  • Resurgence loves this even more then the original. You can make your OWN fighter and customize his moveset. Plus he loves that you can form your OWN gangs and have up to 8 fighters on the screen at once.


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