Rust is a VERY good friend of SMRPG1 and it was thanks to him that Nintendo Rocket has got this incredible SSBB player. He quickly got himself noticed with his wicked & deadly Olimar which was said to be pro level. Very few NR Brawlers have handed it a defeat according to the statistics which can be found in his signature.

Rust in addition to maining Olimar also plays a solid Pokemon Trainer, Bowser (character) and Lucas.


  • Rust doesn't like the "COMING SOON" in the trivia section and so writes this
  • Rust believes he's too biased to put any real information here
  • Rust also believes that the "Only these Brawlers have beaten his Olimar" puts him on a pedestal, thus he has taken it down as EVERYONE has the potential to beat his Olimar.

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