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ryanj27 is an avid internet user. He began using the internet when he was in second grade, 8 years old, and hasn't stopped since. Ryanj27 is involved in web and graphic design as well as communities across the internet. He was born on December 19th, 1994.

Early InternetEdit

The first time ryanj27 used the internet, or a computer for that matter, was playing Bejeweled. That was in late 2002. He only used the internet for games from or, in other words, nothing really productive.


This usage of the internet continued until late summer of 2007. Ryanj27 became obsessed with the show Avatar: The Last Airbender. He joined his first forum, Distant Horizons which was a fanforum for A:tla. There, ryanj27 gained his first taste of internet communities. He continued to be a member there for quite some time, gaining 300+ posts (which he thought was a great feat at that moment in time).

It was on this forum he was introduced to graphics. He wanted so much to make his own, and finally found GIMP. With that, he started to make quite a few graphics, but they weren't that good.

Breaking Away and Website GroupsEdit

By November of 2007, Ryanj27 had become an amateur graphic designer, and had discovered fansites. He wanted to make his own, so he decided to find out how. Most of these fansites had downloadable layouts that people can use. Ryanj27 had already made some friends on the internet with owners of fansites. So he asked one of his friends to upload a layout he had chosen to a website he had made.

Slowly, Ryanj27 developed a website with graphics and info on the show. But his website wasn't anywhere near as good as his friends. It was then that he stopped going to Distant Horizons Forums, and began only networking with his website.


Ryanj27 had become serious about web and graphic designing, and had even began designing and coding his own web layouts with the help of tutorials from various websites. On Easter Sunday of 2008, Ryanj27 received, as a gift, a domain from his parents. He now had his own website!


In 2007, Ryanj27 had received a Nintendo Wii for Christmas. He played it a lot and only had a few games on it. He started looking around for Nintendo Forums, and in a Invisionfree directory search, he stumbled upon [1]. It was there that he registered on June 2, 2008 and became one of the most active members. He has earned over 5,000 posts and has made a lot of forum friends.

Nintendo RocketEdit

Ryanj27 was introduced to Nintendo Rocket by his good forum friend SyluxJr. He wasn't really active at first and comes in for pockets of activity, but tries to be a good member.

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