Seizures are caused by the flashing of lights on and off and on and off. But how do you get these seizures? Every time the lights turn on, these stupid little light particles flow into your eyes. Then when it becomes dark, all the light particles in your eye get turned on by the darkness and start having sex on your eye sockets. Your brain can not stand so much Adult material and it begins to send a message to your body to get on the floor and shake. When the body shakes, the horny light particles are then shook off of your eyelids. However, during the seizure you can reduce the pain by taking these special medications:

  • Lemon Juice can kill these light particles insantly, try squeezing as much juice into your eye sockets as possible to make the shaking stop as fast as possible.
  • NEVER close your eyes, the light particles will not only have sex faster but they will multiply quickly and they will begin to rape your eye socket.
  • When shaking on the ground, count to 10, if you can, you will calm down hopefully.
  • Bring a friend along! Its never fun to have a seizure alone.
  • Wearing contacts will only magnify the light particles so you will be seeing the show 10 times bigger than before.

It also helps to have a cow bell strapped around your neck so that when you shake the extreme ringing will signal someone to know you have a seizure. You can buy cow bells at Petco.


  • True fact! The singer Sean Paul gave this teen a seizure through his hit song "Temperature"
  • An episode in the Pokemon anime was banned from America since it cause so many seizures in Japan through these flashing red and blue lights. It was not only banned for causing seizures, but also banned for sexual content.
  • Super Ganondorf cured his seizure by actually plucking out each and every light particle with a tweezer. While shaking.
  • Being near someone when they get Sylux'd can put you at risk of getting a seizure. No one knows why, it just does.
  • People dont dance in Techno Raves, they are actually suffering a seizure. The only person who doesnt feel these effects is the DJ because he is smart enough to bring sun glasses most of the time.
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