Sex is something that over 98% of NR members will never have. Ever. Why? Because in order to engage in the activity, a member must be away from the computer. However, there are exceptions, such as the member having sex with the computer, which is scary.

What happensEdit

This is where the man gets his dondelinger and starts to insert it into a vending machine. After a few minutes of waiting, shaking and noises, a can comes up (or in some cases, a baby). The type of can/baby can vary depending on the type of gunship the male plots onto the andromeda vortex.

Why does everyone do it?Edit

So they can get their can, of course. They also do it for happiness, which is why it is cautioned that people should not do it in public, unless you want to be watched by millions of people who are slightly curious as to why one is so elated.

Members likely to get laid in the next three monthsEdit

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Members not likely to ever get laid in their entire lifeEdit


When someone dies of dehydration from the lack of soda cans and happy smiles, they are known as a "virgin". Virgins on NR include:

Members who masturbate enough to make it seem like sexEdit


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