Shy Guy 69
Name Ross Hitchman
Joined October 5, 2008
Member ID 295
Current Projects Frontier Isle RPG, Pokémon Silence RPG, Project Polish
Posts 365+
Gender Male
Birthdate February 5, 1993 (age 16)
COG Soldier of Choice [Gears of War 2] Cole or Ben Carmine
Locust Soldier of Choice [Gears of War 2] Theron Guard, Grenadier or RAAM [once unlocked]

Ross, who is currently known as Shy Guy 69, is a member on NR known for his lack of posting. He tends to post only what he is interested in, although he is actually very good at hyper posting. Ross is the creator of the Pokémon Silence RPG, a small RPG that he hopes will get bigger. Ross commonly uses the o: emote. His gaming life is currently ruled by Gears of War 2, which has become his favourite game this generation, although Pokémon Platinum makes a good fight.

Ross is a competitive battler without Wi-Fi, which hurts his soul because he can't battle online. Ross has also been to an insane asylum twice, only to be discharged because he was too insane for the asylum.


February 5th 1993Edit

Ross is born. His mother lost her sanity on this day too. That is how insane Ross it.

August 30th 2005Edit

Ross joins a forum for the first time, which he refuses to name.

December 1st 2007Edit

Ross gets banned from the first forum he joined. He, along with many others, insist that he was banned wrongly to this very day.

August 1st 2008Edit

Ross makes Marshtomp's Mudpit. Ross became more insane. This is the reason why the last two were put here in the first place.

October 5th 2008Edit

Ross joins Nintendo Rocket.

Sometime in between November and MarchEdit

Ross, unannounced, leaves Nintendo Rocket. His reason has never been known and don't ask him, either. He's forgotten.

March 8th 2009Edit

Ross returns to NR.

April ?? 2009Edit

Ross leaves NR again. Someone who can find out the date, please edit here.

April 30th 2009Edit

Ross returns to NR again. Don't worry, he's here to stay. Unless you don't like insanity. Then you worry.

May 22nd 2009Edit

Ross gets Pokémon Platinum. He swears that it is twice the game Diamond and Pearl was.

May 26th 2009Edit

Ross launches Pokémon Silence RPG.

June 14th 2009Edit

Ross closes Pokémon Silence RPG and leaves NR again.

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