On Nintendo Rocket, Sonic does the >_> symbol way too much. A common internet emoticon, but few use it as ridiculously as Sonic. It's not only ridiculously used, but it's used so much time actually went back in time for about 2 seconds before going to seconds forward in time. This smiley has been seen about 75 times at least. This is one of twenty Nintendo Rocket memes that are overrated, and just plain silly. If anyone wants to ban this smiley, I'd vouch for you.

Sylux is considering banning this atrocity of a smiley, just as the person who said the last sentence said. This smiley is one of the things Sylux disapproves of. I will never ever see the >_> smiley in the same way again. Ever. And I mean that in a bad way.

As for others liking the smiley, they are either all obsessed to the point where it's almost a fetish. However, luckily it's atrocious popularity of usage is dying down a bit. This is because of rules being enforced at Nintendo Rocket, and many different things, such as the removal of the emote, the lacking activity of Sonic whenever he's on a holiday, or if one of the mods/admins wants to delete it for no reason.

Luckily it seems to be dying down a bit. However, Sonic will probably use the emoticon later tonight, which is a bad thing.

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