Suicune is one of the second legendary trio to appear in the Pokemon Games. It is said to embody the Northern Winds and can purify Water.


In the gamesEdit

Suicune is a Water type pokemon. This gives Suicune a 2x weakness to Grass and 2x weakness to Eletric, but four resistances to Fire, Ice, Steel and not so ironically Water.

It is worth noting that Suicune also became important in Pokemon Crystal, in which it appeared as the games mascot.

Suicune's typing, plus it's collosal defenses with a staggering 115 Base in both Def and SpD. This effectively makes Suicune an excellant tank and wall.

Suicune was considered borderline invincible in ADV with the 'CalmCune' set, set on Calm Minding Suicune as much as possible before finishing them off with STAB'd Surfs.

Suicune lives in the OU environment, where it can eat both physical and special damage like a Drunken Scottish Boxer.

In the AnimeEdit

Suicune makes three appearences in the anime.

It also makes an apperance in the movie Pokemon 4Ever.

Other AppearencesEdit

Suicune appears in both Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Strangely, while Suicune is a Water type Pokemon, it uses Ice Attacks in the form of Icy Wind (Melee) and Aurora Beam (Brawl)

Suicune Brawl

Suicune in Brawl

Members on SuicuneEdit

  • Kuja Along with Celebi and Moltres, Suicune appears among his favourite Pokemon. Although Suicune has no true Nickname, its name in ShoddyBattle reflects the opinion everyone has of it: "Fucking Tank"
  • Rey Although Rey would agree that Suicune is indeed a fucking Tank, he despise it with passion..
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