Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2 is one of the hardest games in the world. Ranking nearly in the same league as "I wanna be the guy" this game is so hard your eyes will burst violently trying to keep up with the flurry of notes.

How it's playedEdit

Super Crazy Guitar is played by using the up, down, right and left keys to hit little arrow notes. A, S and D work too in order to combat the letter notes. However, the game is so tough you'll cry when you lose for the fiftieth time.

Songs are measured in difficulty, from easy to insane. However, I have put the real differences here.

Easy= Normal

Hard= Challenging

Tough= Evilly Hard

Crazy= Just Give Up

Impossible= Can Only Be Done by God

The game's songsEdit

The game features numerous songs, such as Mario all the way to SWiTCH vs Evil-Dog round one. The game's songs are so hardcore you won't bang your head against them because you'll likely split your head open.

List of SongsEdit

  • Hollywise
  • This Way (Demo)
  • Truth or dare
  • The quest of your life
  • Super Mario Bros Rock (both easy and EXTREME)
  • Legend Of Zelda Rockin (Easy and EXTREME)
  • My heart up your ass (Easy and EXTRME)
  • SWiTCH vs Evil-Dog round one (easy and EXTREME)
  • Broked it
  • Please (intro)
  • Piano vs guitar 1.2
  • Rough Tone
  • Run'n'gun
  • F-Zero

Completing the gameEdit

Although this game is so hard you'll suffer lag from it's awesome, one person at NR has actually managed to complete this monstrosity of a game. His record shines magically in the picture.

Sylux's score on SCGMD2. He was on drugs that day


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