Super Smash Bros. Brawl (usually just called Brawl) is the most popular game on NR. Nearly everyone on NR plays the game, and they're are many people who consider themselves "good" in one way or another. Despite this game being almost as overrated then Final Fantasy, no one will dare admit it. Unfortunately, the SSE was badly plotted and the fighting is no where is good as the style in Melee for competitive fighting.

SSBB cover

On Nintendo RocketEdit

Brawl is a very popular topic. So popular, that Sylux himself greatly disapproves of Brawl talk anywhere outside of the Brawl forum. Regardless, its talked about damn near everywhere. The Brawl forum itself is quite active with over 5,000 posts, and a huge Brawl Chat thread with over 3,500 replies.

Flaws of the gameEdit

There are sadly a massive number of flaws for this renowned game. From the Subspace Emissary being as deep as ChanServ, the emissary has a massive focus on a corrupted group Sakurai made up while eating some cake. It also has the WORST Wifi among the new Wii games. Sad to say, it is overrated on Nintendo Rocket.

MK is also godly- too godly, on NR. This debate on NR regarding his potential ban, aswell as a good portion of SWF and GameFAQs, has been around for a while. Sonic is proably the only well-known member that supports it.


The following characters make an appearance as playable:

Its worth noting Dr. Mario, Mewtwo, Roy, Plusle and Minun, Dixie Kong, Toon Zelda and Toon Sheik were also planned at one point and still have some leftover data in the disc.

Many other people, like Sylux, appear in one way or another, but there are way too many to list.

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