Super Smash Bros. Melee (usually just called SSBM or Melee) is the second installment in the Super Smash Bros. franchise.

Most people say Melee is actually better than Brawl because of its extremely well-developed metagame filled with extremely advanced tactics, giving nearly every character in the game a very high learning curve. With a massive multiplayer mode, over 250 trophies, 51 event challenges and more, Melee is considered to be a strong game within the series. Melee is still played at tournaments worldwide today, alongside Brawl.

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Sonic himself says Melee is on par with Brawl, solely for the fact it had Mewtwo and a usable Captain Falcon, and that Brawl's overall pace is quite sluggish compared to Melee.


Sylux himself thinks Melee beats Brawl by approximately 12 times over. "Melee just gives a grip you don't want to let go. If you play Brawl after Melee, you'll feel numbed down so much you'll think you have frost bite".


Kiske thinks that Melee and Brawl are tied in terms of enjoyment, but Melee was much better competitively. Kiske loves both, due to the fact both offers high intense fighting action.


Kirbyfan thinks Brawl is the best game ever, and thinks Brawl is slightly better than Melee. He does, however, state his reasons secretly, such as "64 Kirby>Brawl Kirby>Melee Kirby" and "The Mario series is fail in Melee."


Bazzoka doesn't really care whether Brawl is better then Melee or vise versa, as long as it's playable and enjoyable. He also thinks people should move on with life and stop whining about this subject.


Melee and Brawl are the subject of much controversy on NR and the internet as a whole, mainly due to discussion of the fairness of tactics like Wavedashing and L-Canceling, the massive overuse of the Final Destination stage, the general frown upon of items being used in professional matches and Tiers. Most competitive players do not consider these problems, but several casuals consider these problems for new players.

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