Syarith is a member of Nintendo Rocket who is now 100% active because he has no other forums to inhabit.


When August 2008 came, Resurgence, long time friend of Syarith, pressured him for an entire month to join NR. He was able to resist this temptation and pressure until he finally joined September 1st, 2008. Around this time, Syarith was working on a different forum called Anime Pulp. He originally planned on joining NR to post the minimum advertisement post requirement, but then he got so caught up in posting he forgot about his purpose there and forgot about Anime Pulp and moved on to post on NR for a little while after several annoyances by Resurgence, such as telling Syarith to "Post on NR!!!" constantly. After a few days, Syarith went back to Anime Pulp and discovered the forum was turned offline. Since then, Syarith has been concentrating only on NR and a select few other forums.

Personal LifeEdit

Syarith currently resides in Tulsa,Oklahoma and is 20 years of age.Currently, he is currently attending his 2nd year of college.

Friendship With Other MembersEdit

Kuja Edit

Syarith and Kuja didn't really know each other up until the events of March 22nd, 2009. Syarith has a sprite comic that was originally based on this event and Kuja ended up getting a main role and was shocked at that. To this day, Kuja and Syarith still speak on Skype and they both occasionally make visits to Nintendo Rocket.

Morendo Edit

Morendo and Syarith have quite a long history together. They first "met" on a forum known as Gemz Shining Forums (now dead), and never expected to become friends but it happened.

Ging Edit

Syarith met Ging at the forum Community Lounge and ever since then they have been friends and now they talk on MSN and Skype often. Mostly Skype.


Syarith and SMRPG1 first met at Community Lounge as well, and have had several conversations on MSN throughout their friendship. Mostly about personal problems that were going on that were later solved.

KonamiYoto Edit

Syarith and KonamiYoto because friends fairly quickly, after Syarith was EPICLY PWNED by KonamiYoto in an IRC Trivia Game.

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