Sylux'd was the common term used when you are beaten in any form by the creator of NR Sylux. The word Sylux'd used to be so amazing it didn't even have a future or present tense, but nowadays his ego has dropped so he no longer has to Sylux'd you to kick your ass. During the course of its existence far over 28 billion people have been Sylux'd, a record the guy describes as "convenient."

What happensEdit

Naturally, when one is Sylux'd, the scene goes black, following a loud scream. The scene returns, and the opponent spontaneously combusts. Although this is the main way of getting Sylux'd, it isn't the only way. There are other ways.

One can get Sylux'd by...

  • Being owned in a conversation.
  • Kicking someone's ass by 4 stock in SSBB.
  • Beating someone up.
  • Beating someone in a contest
  • Verbally being owned.
  • Humiliation.


  • Getting Sylux'd used to be a bad thing.
  • Only 0.0000001% of the world can "Sylux'd" someone. Fact.
  • If you say Sylux'd at the wrong time, it is likely that you'll get Sylux'd.
  • 99.99% of everyone Sylux'd gets owned.
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