The Brawl Frontier is a forum on NR that allows members to chat about Brawl on NR. The most popular thread is Brawl Chat, which has a massive amount of posts. Certain members say most of their posts originate from the Frontier, like Sonic, Kirbyfan66, and more.

The main attraction of the Brawl Frontier is the Brawl Chat, where members discuss Brawl. The disscussion varies- for example, Wi-Fi matches are started, debates are held, MK's banning is accepted/rejected, and Sonic's ranting on Wi-fi, Samus, and more.

There are currently 7,385 replies in the Brawl Frontier. 4,877 of these posts come from the Brawl Chat Thread. The current member who has the most posts in the Brawl Chat Thread is Kirbyfan66, with 489. For a long time, Super Ganondorf had the lead. He currently has 470 posts in the Thread.

The Brawl Frontier also proves that Sonic is indeed lazy, as he always remarks on how he must add people to his Friend Roster.

Multiple tourneys were also attempted, but failed in the end due to lack of participation. A new one is rumored to be in the works, and is scheduled for sometime early in 2009. But if it's anything like Kirby's Wii Adventure, NR will not see a tourney for quite some time. Despite this, almost everyone thinks a new tourney will come and be successful.


  • Kirbyfan's 1st post was in the Brawl Frontier.
  • Despite being popular, the Brawl Frontier altogether doesn't have as many posts as the NR Chat Thread 08.
  • Even though the whole section is about Brawl, it still has a chat thread dedicated to it which makes the idea pointless.
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