The J'Quan incident, otherwise known as the "perfectionist's strop" incident, occured during May. This was when J'Quan, the Admin of the forum Anime MX became Admin. There he made some rather unfitting changes, and he cowered into the retired staff quicker then Sonic on steroids. This event is also the event where the legendary Metaclaw joined Nintendo Rocket.

What happenedEdit

J'Quan, who Sylux met in the forum Positive Promotion, was the one who applied to be one of NR's advertising staff. However, he quickly got bored of his job and decided to ask Sylux if he could be Admin of the site. He accepted, and he became Admin. However, he forcefully shaped NR, and got a new banner and new ranks on board.

Now, Sylux, being the rank lover that he is, started to argue with J'Quan that the ranks were not stolen, but in fact designed by Iggy2010, a member of a sister forum called FuD.

J'Quan later resigned, seeing that he made a singular error. Departing, a new member, Metaclaw came into the fray. The NR members greeted him with open arms, and Meta grew to be NR's finest star spirit.

Key PlayersEdit


The main one who this incident resolved around, J'Quan was the one who ended up firing himself out of a cannon, and out of the NR world. He made a single mistake, and punished himself way too much for this. He also hates Sylux slightly for forgetting to add the affiliation button to his forum, anime MX.


The opposition in all this. He frowned upon J'Quan's decision to dispose of the ranks, and make new ones. This decision is why NR still has the current ranks today.

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