Tutankoopa is the co-owner of a pretty popular forum called "NintenKingdom64", recently reaching 100,000 post and 4,000 topic milestones, and a moderator in the Wii Gaming Clan "Wii Hunters". He is 16 years old and currently an 11th-Grade Canadian high-school student. He hopes to become a chef or a psychologist one day.

He is also a very aggressive force on Nintendo Rocket in SSBB like many others. He proudly mains an equally evil Olimar similar to Rust, Yoshi and Mario. Frequently playing with secondaries, he also uses Luigi, Meta Knight, Captain Falcon (also known as the Triumvirate of Flamboyancy, due to their pink costumes), Sheik, Donkey Kong, R.O.B., Lucas, Wolf and Snake. He's had some phenomenal matches with the likes of Resurgence, Arekkusu Kitsune, and Pkjd. He's not on NR very often nowadays but when he shows up to post, you can bet it's most likely gonna be in the Brawl Frontier.

He is also a force in Mario Kart Wii, wielding a 9999-VR, 3-star calibre Baby Peach. He calls himself a light-supremacist, not willing to give into the more popular weight classes. He ranks 16th on the GameBattles Singles Ladder.

He occasionally does graphics on the GIMP as a hobby, and is considered a very good sigger.


  • He won an iPod at his school in a raffle that he entered with $5 CDN
  • Despite maining the character, Tutankoopa was annoyed at Olimar's incredible bump in the revised SBR Tier List, from 18th place to a tie with Lucario for 10th, believing his skill with a formerly-unappreciated character would now be attributed entirely to Olimar's new status as a solid, powerful character.
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