Victreebel is a fellow Grass/Poison Pokemon that evolves from Weepinbell when a Grass Stone is used on it. It doesn't see the Poke D/P Wifi meta game a great deal seeing as it's UU. In Platinum however, it learns "Sucker Punch" and with proper prediction & right support along with Swords Dance & Substitute....he could be quite a surprise.

Leaf Blade would be the 2nd attack of choice as it's 90 Base Power Physical STAB off of Swords Dance will deal a tremendous amount of damage. Not to mention a HIGH chance of a Critical Hit. Sucker Punch now gives Victreebel a GREAT chance to fend off those pesky Psychics wanting to expose his Poison weakness so his usage has been made EVEN greater. His ability "Chlorophyll" can allow him to out speed the opposition with Sunny Day in play as it'll double his speed and will make his work easier to Sub up & Swords Dance up for a possible sweep.

Both his attack stats are impressive so no matter which route you go whether it be the Physical or Special you'll be doing some VERY solid damage. His defenses are mediocre as is his speed but it can be rectified with Speed EV investment and Chlorophyll Sunny Day support.

Victreebel in Pokemon D/P GameEdit

Member's opinions on VictreebelEdit

  • Resurgence thinks this Grass/Poison pokemon is pretty funny in the Anime and a pretty solid UU choice in Pokemon D/P. In Platinum, he believes with it being able to learn "Sucker Punch" will elevate it to possibly seeing more Wifi play.
  • Kiske thinks it is an interesting Pokemon, but nothing eye catching.


  • James has a Victreebel of his own in the Pokemon Anime.
  • Is one out of only the three fully evolved Grass / Poison types in the game & anime. The other two being Vileplume and Venusaur.
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