Waddle Dees (ワドルディ, Wadoru Di?) are the most common enemies in the series. They have small stubby arms and small feet. Their faces are a light tan color, as are their feet, with their main bodies are a dark red. They also appear in other colors, such as yellow, orange, or gold.

They generally attack by running into Kirby, but they can also wield parasols and spears. Parasol wielding Waddle Dees can be used as allies in Kirby Super Star, and one appears as a playable character in Kirby: Canvas Curse. Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards features one Waddle Dee forming an alliance with Kirby after being freed from the possession by Dark Matter. In Kirby Super Star Ultra a Waddle Dee (depicted as wearing a blue kerchief) appears prominently in the "Revenge of the King" mode as the sidekick of King Dedede and the penultimate boss.

Multiple Waddle Dees appear in Brawl as part of King Dedede's "weapons", summoned through his side special move or his Final Smash. After they strike an adversary they will usually walk around, jump occasionally or trip over themselves and fall.


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