Whikeshipping is the belief of a romantic relationship between the member White Lightning and the Greil Mercenary Ike. It is supported by a fair amount of people, although some are mildly against it (the FIENDS).

What does it have?Edit

It consists of a strong relationship between White Lightning and Ike of course. Not only does it show the two as a romantic couple, but it also shows them as being a "perfect match". The intensity of this relationship is dependent on how one views it. Some may view it as extremely mild, and others view it as an absolute beastly passion massacre thingy.

Who supports it?Edit

The following people officially support the Whikeshipping cult:

Who thinks it's creppy?Edit

Hints from each side of the pairEdit

As of date, White Lightning is the only one to even display any hints towards this shipping.

As of now, Ike hasn't said anything because he's a video game character, not a real person.

oh god why is this article still here?Edit

That creepy bitch White Lightning doesn't even come here anymore, why is this still here?

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