Wolf's current appearance.

Wolf is Fox's rival from the Star Fox series, leading his own team of space mercenaries known as Star Wolf, which were hired by Andross to go kill Star Fox in Star Fox 64. Wolf is probably more known for Brawl more than anything, which gained him more hate than liking on NR, strangely enough.

Many people on NR hate Wolf for many reasons. It could because he's not Krystal, 2 reps is enough for Star Fox, him and Fox are clones (which is a lie to begin with.), and many other things.

Oddly enough, there aren't really that many excellent Wolfs on NR ever since SMRPG1 quit him. Occasionally Pkjd uses him and he is probably safe to say the best Wolf on Nintendo Rocket right now. Semphis was recently said to play a pretty good Wolf too. Sonic claimed he just sucked that much with him, so eventually just quit the guy. Recently he decided to pick him up again and is actually quite decent.

Lavama uses him sometimes in Free-For-Alls

Member's on WolfEdit

  • Sonic thinks Wolf gets too much hate and deserves SOME credit at least, and if anything, Falco was the one that didn't deserve his SSB spot, yet he uses Falco anyway.
  • Kiske thinks Wolf is a bad addition to Brawl and already disliked him prior to Brawl.
  • Resurgence thinks he probably plays the WORST Wolf in the whole world. Also, he wanted Krystal badly in Wolf's place and was disappointed when it didn't happen.
  • Lavama doesn't think Wolf should have been in Brawl, and shouldn't have his British voice, instead having his original 64 voice.
  • Kuja Loves to use Wolf for fun. Also preferred Wolf's appearence in StarFox 2 (A prototype game never released except in ROM format) over any of other Wolf's apperances.
  • Kirbyfan66 liked Wolf in the first two Star Fox's, then he hated him afterwards along with the rest of the series. He thinks he's pretty good in Brawl, thouugh.
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