Yoshi is an anthromorphic dinosaur from the Mario series and the Yoshi series. Yoshi is a generally friendly creature that rarely ever gets mad. This is due to the fact Shigeru didn't insert emotion into Yoshi's programming system. Over the years, Yoshi has gotten himself a lot of fans, and is generally one of the most liked characters in the Mario series. If not, he's liked the most. Yoshi's primary attack means are its long, chameleon-esque tounge and its feet. But his Final Smash breaks these laws, as he says "screw this, I have WINGS" before instantaneously flying off to get drunk and score female Yoshi's as well as KOs. However, Yoshi could be either male or female, so he can go with any other Yoshi.


Yoshi as seen in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

In Brawl, Yoshi ranks 32nd on the Tier List due to his mediocre stats overall, somewhat bad match-ups and abysmal tournament rankings (because the tourney managers are extremely biased and base everything from tourney results), but he is said recently to nearly go 50-50 with Meta Knight, Snake, and King Dedede, which is a super huge bonus. Many expect him to rise up soon. Yoshi apparently has the power, like Rocky in the Balboa films.

Sonic, Tutankoopa, Kiske, and Kirbyfan66 are among the few Yoshi mainers. Resurgence is also occasionally known for using him when he gets bored of his Top 5 and wants a change of pace. Yoshi however is much faster then NR's Sonic, as Sonic is so slow he can't even get MSN yet.

Members on YoshiEdit

  • Sonic thinks Yoshi is amazing and could use more of the praise it deserves. Hell, Yoshi was once Sonic's favorite Mario character over Bowser.
  • Kiske likes Yoshi and thinks that Yoshi doesn't get enough attention.
  • Resurgence occasionally uses Yoshi as one of his fun characters.
  • Shambuu likes Yoshi as a character but doesn't like him on Brawl and is probably his least favorite character on Brawl.
  • Kirbyfan loves Yoshi in Brawl and Mario, likes him in Melee, and ironically hates him in SSB64. His favorite color change is the red one, whom he calls Rex.
  • Auzima has been a lover of Yoshis ever since seeing their debut in the Super Mario World's on the SNES and wishes to someday perfect his game with Yoshi in Brawl.
  • Tutankoopa believes Yoshi to be a character that outright refuses to die, noting the average life-span of his Yoshi to last around 160%.
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