Yuri is a term for girl x girl pairing. It was mostly targeted for female anime, manga and Japanese media, but it can also be seen in male media works as well. Like yaoi, yuri can cause a lot of havoc for most fans of certain pairings. It can also be sexual or not depending on the story and the author. Unlike yaoi there is no seme or uke in yuri just lesbian relationships between two females.


  • Kuro-chi isn't fond of yuri and prefers yaoi more.
  • Resurgence hates Yuri and thinks it is extremely gross. He's rather watch and look at yaoi.
  • Kirbyfan66 does not care for yuri. While he'd rather see it than yaoi, that's like saying he'd rather play Kirby's Dream Land 3 than Sonic Riders. It's obvious! Also Yuri Lowell is win.
  • Kiske dislikes yuri almost as much as he dislikes yaoi.
  • Kuja thinks Yuri is a great character... oh wait this article isn't about the character from Shadow Hearts?
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