Zelda is the mystical golden haired princess of Hyrule. She is the wielder of the "Triforce Of Wisdom" and has an incredible array of magical powers. Especially in the Super Smash Bros Melee & Brawl series.


Her attacks come in the form of Farore's Wind, a teleportation & recovery ability. Din's Fire to snipe out enemies from afar with a burst of flames. She also has Nayru's Love to reflect projectiles and it's a good clear out move when you got several enemies near you. She can even transform into the fast & nimble Sheik to slowly wear down opponents.

Resurgence & White Lightning both play her quite well. There may be others but these are the only two who do at this time.

Member's opinions on ZeldaEdit

  • Resurgence recently picked her up again in SSBB and is getting better with her. At one time he mained her in Super Smash Bros Melee as well. Thinks she is the "female Ike" of Brawl too with her insanely powerful smashes.
  • Kiske is neutral to Zelda. He really doesn't have much of an opinion on her...yet.
  • Shambuu perfers using Zelda over the other Brawl girls. He hardly ever transforms her to Sheik in a match.
  • Lavama also mained Zelda in Melee, and is trying to work on her Brawl version.
  • Kirbyfan66 hates Zelda. In Smash, he thinks she is awful in Melee due to a lack of speed and close-range combat skills. In Brawl, he hates her for being a weak, KO-less fighter who can't even do well as Shiek. However, he thinks the Usmash should have been given to a better character.


  • Zelda had her OWN game for the Philips CD-I console several years ago. Unfortunately it wasn't deemed a success since the gameplay & story were horrible and no one cared enough for the machine either.
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